Our values

As MCA Recycling is a SME, it benefits from the advantages of a small organisation.

1. Flexibility: Our schedule is not set. It is adjusted from day to day according to the various demands of our customers. In addition, our varied fleet of vehicles allows us access to the interior of any type of building.

2. Rapidity: We can respond to our customers’ requests within 24 hrs.

3. Quality: MCA Recycling develops made-to-measure solutions to best respond to the various expectations of its customers. We are constantly attentive to our customers in order to respond optimally to their expectations. Our priority is your satisfaction.

4. Safety: The wellbeing and health of our employees are our primary concerns. Working completely safely is therefore our priority.

With the aid of our safety coordinators, MCA Recycling observes the latest standards in effect. In addition, our workers are equipped with protective clothing to prevent any hazard.