Your office waste, new raw materials

Personalised service, flexible timing, tailor-made collections. We convert your waste and give it a new life.

Your recurring waste, valorized

Whatever the nature of your recurring waste, MCA Recycling will organize the best valorization circuit for it

Destruction of your confidential data

MCA Recycling destroys your confidential data carriers, making them illegible and unusable
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Recurring waste

Collect your recurring waste

Whatever the nature of your recurring waste, MCA Recycling will organize the best possible valorization system. You can be confident that we will always choose the most coherent solution for your waste.

Your organic waste

Your organic waste

Kitchen waste, organic waste, MCA Recycling collects of food waste. Containers are provided specifically for this type of waste.

Arrange your selective sorting

Arrange your selective sorting

MCA Recycling has designed its own selective sorting tools in order to give each worker the opportunity to sort his waste. These selective sorting tools are discrete and practical, and are supplied to the customer free of charge.

Our strengths

Support MCA Recycling


We support you through every stage, to make your waste management exemplary.

Solutions MCA Recycling


MCA Recycling offers ‘custom-made’ solutions to facilitate waste sorting and management within your company.

Guarantees MCA Recycling


Thanks to over 20 years of experience in waste management, MCA Recycling is able to position itself as a partner that listens to its customers, and is concerned about its environmental impact and its legal obligations. In the heart of Brussels, MCA Recycling never forgets its societal and cultural commitments.

Our references

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