Your food waste can be turned into energy.

Your food waste can be turned into energy.

Kitchen waste, organic waste, MCA Recycling collects your food waste:

  • food leftovers, food preparation waste, cooked meals, …
  • not packed food waste, bread, coffee grounds, …
  • deep-frying oil.

Containers (which comply with AFSCA standards) are specifically designed for this type of waste. Our partner recycles this waste using the biomethanisation process.

Accepted food waste:

  • Kitchen waste, ready meals and leftovers,
  • Fruit and vegetables,
  • Meat, bones and fat,
  • Bread and confectionery,
  • Organic waste from food production.

> Summary of the organic waste collection and recycling process


Organic waste is treated using methanisation. This natural process of degradation of organic material by bacteria can break down organic waste in the absence of oxygen, into biogas consisting of methane which is then injected directly into the gas distribution network (ORES). This reaction also produces a residue known as digestate, which can be recovered as an agricultural fertiliser.

Biomethanisation process
Biomethanisation process

Our strengths


Biomethanisation enables us to accept more food waste than with compositing. This facilitates the management of this flow for our customers.

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