Eco-responsibility: recycling more and more, recycling better and better.

Eco-responsibility: recycling more and more, recycling better and better.

To meet all your needs and incorporate you into a circular economy process, MCA Recycling is constantly on the lookout for new technologies and recycling and re-use techniques.

Our objective is that a maximum of waste should become new raw materials.

We support you in improving your environmental performance:

We ensure responsible management of your waste:

  • with sustainable systems for sorting optimization,
  • by guaranteeing traceability of the collected waste,
  • by manual sorting your Plastics, Metals and Drinks Cartons/Cans & Plastics,
  • by choosing the most suitable local partners.

We make sure that we reduce the environmental impact of our activities: MCA Recycling is ISO 14001 certified and has put an ambitious environmental policy in place, complete with targets.

MCA Recycling's carbon balance sheet

Download MCA Recycling‘s carbon balance sheet

For additional information about our commitment, please consult our environmental policy.

Our strengths

A Brussels business that listens to its customers

  • Waste management in short circuits,
  • Traceability of waste from collection to recycling.
  • Development of re-use chains in cooperating with non-profit associations

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MCA Recycling offers 'custom-made' solutions to facilitate waste sorting and management within your company.