Your questions

01. Why MCA Recycling?

With MCA Recycling you have a single contact that can manage all your office waste; for example, destruction of documents, removal of old machines or cabinets, collection of display monitors or simply anything that remains to be removed after your relocation.

We are attentive to our customers; we understand their expectations. In addition, the flexibility of our organisation allows us to rapidly fulfil all your needs.

02. What kinds of vehicles do you have?

MCA Recycling has a complete fleet of vehicles. So our company is able to provide an appropriate solution for every situation.

Low pickup trucks allow us to get access to basements of buildings. As for our lorries – container, refuse, small and large volumes, with or without tailgate – they’re capable of transporting any type of waste.

03. Do I have to remove my archives from the folders or take out the plastic dividers?

Not at all. We take your documents ‘as is’. You do not need to do any sorting; we take care of everything.

04. What is destruction standard 32757-1?

This is a standard that takes into account the fineness of destruction; the destroyed data medium cannot be more than 12 mm across on average. MCA Recycling is equipped with this type of shredder and offers an even higher quality of destruction.

05. I’m organising a “Cleaning Day”: can you help me?

Yes, MCA Recycling offers you a wide range of solutions for this type of day: waste collection bins, bags, wheeled containers, wire mesh bins. Don’t hesitate to contact us, an associate will visit you to offer you a solution suited to your needs.

06. Who are your customers?

SMEs/SMIs, but also large national and international businesses. Professional ethics and confidentiality prohibit us from naming them here. However, these companies belong to various sectors such as the banking and legal worlds, the pharmaceutical industry, embassies and ministries, regulatory organisations, etc.

07. Do you offer a container service?

Yes. We can provide you with open containers of 8, 10, 12, 15, 20 and 30 m³ as well as 30 m³ closed maritime containers.

08. Do I need to collect everything I want to get rid of in the same room?

No, that’s not necessary. MCA Recycling can work in the basement, in the cellars or on the upper floors. We use vehicles adapted to every situation.

09. I have to remove various kinds of waste/I’m relocating. How can you help me?

MCA Recycling provides you with a range of resources to help you clear out the waste:

  • Plasticised burlap bags: very sturdy MCA bags
  • Open containers: 120 litres, 240 litres and 360 litres, easy to move
  • Wire mesh containers: volume of 800 litres to 1700 litres, easy to move
  • Open containers: 8, 10, 12, 15, 20 and 30 m3
  • Closed maritime containers: 30 m3.
10. What type of resources do you offer for selective sorting in business?

Cardboard wastepaper baskets

Collectors reserved for paper and made available free of charge at each work station or near electrical equipment likely to generate paper. Our wastebaskets are of course made of recycled cardboard.

Containers for plastic

Reserved for mixed plastics, these collectors are especially designed to fulfil the needs of our customers and are made available to them free of charge.

Containers for cans

Reserved for cans, these collectors are especially designed to fulfil the needs of our customers and are made available to them free of charge. Put them preferably in the kitchen or near a vending machine.

11. Our building is in the process of certification; can MCA Recycling contribute to this?

One of the criteria is the management of selective sorting of waste. With the system developed by MCA Recycling, you completely fulfil the requirements with regard to waste management in your building. MCA Recycling manages the waste of buildings already certified. Don’t hesitate to ask us, we’ll be happy to help.

12. What is your response time?

MCA Recycling makes every effort to assist you and to observe a response time of two working days.

13. Can MCA Recycling guarantee the traceability of our waste?

Yes, we control the entire process from production of the waste to its final use.

14. What tools do you have for calculating the ecological footprint of the waste generated by our company?

Over the past three years, MCA Recycling, in collaboration with a consulting firm specialised in the environment, has developed a report on the environmental benefit which takes into account various parameters such as the distance travelled, the type of vehicles used, the quantities of waste collected, the second life of the waste, etc.

After one year of collection of your sorted waste by MCA Recycling, this report will specify the environmental impact of your building with regard to reduction in greenhouse gas production, reduction in consumption of non-renewable energy, and savings produced to repair the harmful effects of pollution.

This resource will be an effective means of intra- and extra-company communication for managing your waste, sorted even better, in collaboration with MCA Recycling.