CovidBox Coronavirus
CovidBox Coronavirus


for a safe management of your used masks, gloves and tissues.


According to your use and the number of COVIDBOXES you would like to order, we can propose you the following services:

CLASSIC service

The easiest one

Delivery by MCA Recycling of your unassembled BOX pack at the reception of the building

Delivery of an instruction manual for the assembly of the BOX
No emptying of the BOX on your floor & no collection of the COVID waste
No delivery of a treatment certificate

1 Cover
1 Plastic bag

€ 12,90

(excl. VAT) /unit

Additional parts on request:
10 Covers € 28.00 (excl. VAT)
25 Plastic bags € 10.00 (excl. VAT)

PREMIUM service

The all-in solution

Delivery by MCA Recycling of the BOX at the reception of the building

Previously assembled by MCA Recycling

Emptying of the BOX on your floor and collection of the COVID waste

Delivery of a treatment certificate on request
10 Covers
10 Plastic bags
€ 90,00

(excl. VAT) /pack

All In service

Contact details

I would like to be contacted to receive more information about the COVIDBOX.

What’s the COVIDBOX exactly?

  • A green body* in which a transparent plastic bag is inserted,
  • A single-use cover* with a hexagonal opening that allows the user to safely throw away his mask, gloves and tissues,
  • Customized icons and clear instructions.
* Our COVIDBOX is made from recycled cardboard to minimize the impact on the environment.

COVIDBOX management?

  • After use, the yellow cover and the plastic bag have to be removed from the green body. Afterwards the cover will have to be thrown in the plastic bag and the bag closed with a knot,
  • At each emptying, the transparent bag will have to be replaced and a new cover will have to be put on the collector (as a sanitary precaution),
  • The removed and closed plastic bag must then be placed in the dustbin room, either in the general waste container or in a specific container for this type of waste,
  • MCA RECYCLING will collect these bags and these will be treated through the incineration process (with energy recovery).