Selective sorting of your waste

MCA Recycling is a company that has been engaged in waste management for over 15 years.

On the basis of its experience in this field, MCA Recycling offers ecological and economic solutions tailor made to your professional space and your building.

MCA Recycling is specialised in installing selective sorting systems for company waste (paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, cans, drink carton, waste (class II)). To contribute to the success of this system, MCA Recycling provides you free of charge with all the appropriate receptacles (baskets, collectors, bags, containers, etc.).

MCA Recycling provides training for your staff and your cleaning company to ensure that the selective sorting system installed in your building is properly understood by the various people involved.

Proper understanding of the system is a guarantee for its efficiency.

Objectives of selective sorting

  1. Limiting the quantities of non-recyclable or incinerated waste as much as possible, thereby reducing costs and impacts on the environment;
  2. considering waste as a new raw material;
  3. complying with the environmental standards in force;
  4. contributing to the certification of your building: BREEAM, ISO 9001-14001, Ecodynamic Company Label, EMAS, etc.
Type of waste