In January 2014, MCA Recycling obtained the ISO 14001:2004 label as well as the Environmental management System (EMAS) certification.  These are environmental management systems that guarantee several things:

  • Full compliance by MCA Recycling with regional and European environmental legislation;
  • Traceability of all waste collected by MCA Recycling, which guarantees total transparency in the different waste collection channels;
  • The obligation to reduce the environmental performance of our activity every year:
    • Reduce our energy consumption (gas, electricity),
    • Reduce vehicle use (reduce CO2 emissions),
    • Find new recycling channels to avoid incineration,
    • etc,

With the experience gained through these two labels, MCA Recycling is geared to reducing the environmental impact of its activities.

These labels were obtained thanks to the very good cooperation by and between MCA Recycling and 21 Solutions.

21 Solutions has extensive experience in providing guidance and support to public and private stakeholders in implementing EMAS and ISO 14001 type EMS for nearly 10 years in Belgium and abroad.  They have supported and/or audited more than twenty public and private organisations with EMAS, LEED, ISO 14001, and Bilan Carbone® formalities.

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